5 surprising facts about energy healing


Energy healing is a method of transmitting healing energy to the patient’s body, through the hands of a practitioner, to restore or balance the body’s energy field for better health. Energy healing therapy has been used to treat various health conditions. That may sound a bit confusing, so here are 5 surprising facts about energy healing to help make things a bit clearer.


For thousands of years, the body’s energy centers have been studied.

From as early as the 20th century, the Japanese have a rich tradition in the art of Reiki, a form of energy healing. Then ancient Hindu texts describe a network of energy transmitting centers in the body called the seven chakras.

Acupuncture looks scary with needles being stuck into the body. But it’s a very organized and strategic method that takes into account the meridians on the body that transport energy throughout. The common thread here is that all these cultures understood the power of internal energy, using different methods to activate the body’s natural healing abilities.

Scientific principles are used to guide energy healing methods.

The basic building blocks of matter are atoms and molecules. We all can probably remember those models of spheres connected by lines in our old chemistry school books.

These bonds are constantly moving and vibrating and reconnecting and aligning themselves. And since we are all composed of molecules, humans are vibrating too. So, it should come as no surprise when you hear someone say you have good ‘vibes’ they’re talking about your frequency.

Higher frequency creates higher energy and more positive energy. Ever walked into a room where a heated argument was going on. They say you can cut the tension with a knife. So negative vibes work the same way, and the energy permeates in its environment.

Energy healing can be beneficial to anyone.

You may not have a complete understanding of the concept of energy healing. But that doesn’t mean that it still can’t be an effective treatment for you. Do you know exactly how your car engine and transmission work? Probably not, but you get miles of utility out of your car every day. All you need is an open mind and a bit of personal time to open up a whole new world of wonderful possibilities of metaphysical healing to compliment your traditional methods of health and wellness.

Energy healing methods come in many forms. 

There’s no university for energy healers. No professional certificates or degrees to obtain. It’s an art that’s passed down the old-fashioned way. So, when you’re looking for an energy healer you should not be afraid to ask a lot of questions. The only dumb question is the question that you don’t ask. Some of the more popular forms of energy healing include acupuncture, massage, and reflexology.

Your home is a perfect place for you to boost your energetic health.

Cleansing your body’s energy should be part of your daily routine. No different than you cleanse your body by brushing your teeth and taking a shower. There are easy at-home solutions you can apply to keep the good vibes flowing. Try taking a bath in Pink Himalayan salts or Epsom for 20 minutes anytime you start feeling your vibration frequencies and energy dropping down low. Another way to rid yourself of negativity from your field of energy smudging,

or burning sage around you. High-vibe crystals are also a great way to boost your energy as they contain their healing properties.


Now that you’ve known 5 surprising facts about energy healing, the only thing you must have to start your metaphysical journey is an open mind! And Crystal Essence is a great place to get going. Contact us today.