Aura Photography

Aura Photography

Want to See Your Aura?

Friday, April 14th & Saturday, April 15th 10:30 am - 5:00 pm

Have you ever wanted to see yourself in a fresh light, allowing yourself permission to shift your point of view?  I think we all have.  Sondra Lambert comes to you from Maryland to share with enthusiastic encouragement an opportunity to experience your energetic signature in living color.  We all have frequency energies within us that are continually shifting and changing to create our right now moments.  The incredible value of Aura Photography is the ability to place your hand on the scanner, then watch your Chakra and Aura frequencies translated into color right before your eyes.  Your energies are actually showing themselves to you in a way that you can see them.   Each color has a story to tell, as they ebb and flow together.  Sondra has been doing Aura Photo for several years and it is pure joy to watch the energies, the frequencies, the colors tell their story.  This allows you the opportunity to literally see yourself in a new light, a fresh perspective.   The possibilities are ongoing.  Welcome home to yourself.

Sondra Lambert

Aura Photography with Sondra Lambert


As well as spending time with Sondra hearing her wonderful insights about your Aura, you will also get a printout of information emailed to you after your session.

Sondra is an internationally certified hypnotist and co-owner of Galaxy Hypnosis in Crofton MD.  Her passion is assisting those who are interested in healing themselves from within.  Our innermost selves hold our keys to living and living well.  

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$44 per photo session
Each session is 15 minutes