Egyptian Odyssey

Egyptian Odyssey

Egyptian Odyssey with Sheilaa Hite

The Nile River & the Chakras; the Divine Path of Initiation

sheilaa Egyptian Odyssey

The registration for the 2023 Egyptian Odyssey is officially open! Sheilaa Hite invites you to answer your soul’s call and participate in this year’s phenomenal, empowering life transforming experience.

On December 4-15, 2023, you’ll consciously and in real time, initiate and integrate the wealth of your soul’s experiences and wisdom from this lifetime and all of your lifetimes back to your powerful beginnings in Egypt. On this Egyptian Odyssey, you’ll participate in a series of events that activate your Chakra system and thus, your Sacred Initiation; the rite of passage that opens the pathway and empowers your soul’s Divine transformational processes guiding you to your birthright and remembrance of who you are, why you’re here, and what you were created to be. Come along with us and stand in the center of your soul’s own timeline and experience the miracle of awakening to your Divine being.