Empowered Breathwork & Burlesque Movement Zoom Workshop

Empowered Breathwork & Burlesque Movement Zoom Workshop


Say Yes to You!

Join Anna Brooke for a rich Zoom workshop rooted in new choices made through radical and active self-love.

via Zoom, Saturday July 29th, 3:00 -5:00 pm

By blending breathwork, burlesque movement, and most importantly self-forgiveness, participants are guided back into connection with their own feelings, needs, and truth so they can empower themselves to make new and exciting choices

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Empowered Breathwork & Burlesque Movement Workshop with Anna Brooke

This 2 hour class includes:

  • Gentle breathwork to create clarity and calm 
  • Burlesque movement to nourish and empower 
  • Written and spoken word to discover and illuminate oneself

**Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a journal and pen for reflections and notes**

Anna Brooke is an author, inspirational speaker, and interdisciplinary healing arts practitioner. Anna helps people along their healing path by supporting the reestablishment of their connection to their own highest good. Through the practices of deep self love, breath, movement and conscious choice, she creates safe spaces of compassion that foster self-acceptance, self awareness, and most importantly love. She believes we are each whole and complete with sacred opportunities for growth and self reclamation in every moment. It is her intention to support the blossoming, growth and unfoldment of the sacred, conscious self within each one of us, one step at a time.

or call the store at 413-528-2595

$37/person if prepaid by July 24th
$47/person thereafter