Padme Lake

Padme Lake

Akashic Soul Readings

Mondays, by appointment via Zoom

$160 for an 1 1/2 hour session

 During an Akashic Soul Reading we’ll open your Soul Records — which contain information about your Soul and its experiences through time — and analyze the currents of energy underlying your current situation. With the wisdom and support of your Akashic Guidance, we’ll move the energy and bring you to a resolution.

Your session may take the form of:

· Exploring and healing a significant past lifetime
· Identifying and releasing negative core beliefs
· Uncovering and liberating potent past life influences
· Or it may take another form altogether. Once the Soul Records are open, your Akashic Guidance takes the lead and guides us to whatever process is the most healing and empowering for you.

Master Energy Practitioner

Padme Lake

Padme has worked with energy for over 30 years, and is currently a Master Level Energy Practitioner at Kripalu Yoga Center, where she’s been since 2008. She created the Universal Heart Akashic Method for accessing the Soul Records in 2016, and has taught this work at Canyon Ranch/Lenox and here at Crystal Essence. The intention of her work is to help you transform into who you really are through the power of Love and Compassion.

Your Soul is speaking to you through the situations and events that cause you the most frustration. Issues that appear to be insolvable are made, like everything else, of energy. All energy is designed to move.


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