A Whole New Universe

A Whole New Universe

Things have changed (while you were sleeping or awake)...

via Zoom, Sunday September 17th
1:00 pm- 2:30 pm

A spiritual workshop with an intuitive guide diving deep into the new energetic changes in the universe. Invite yourself to open new doors and walk down new pathways to join this New Universe.

a whole new universe

Angels Raphael & Ariel channeled through Adria Estribou

Things have changed in the universe that is apparent for humans on Earth now. In the last year things have dramatically shifted. To a point of no return, yes, but most importantly there are so many doorways and pathways open now that you didn't see before. How can you invite yourself to start walking down new pathways and opening new doors? By inviting yourself to join the New Universe. 

Adria Estribou is a joyful mystic who helps you consciously create the life you choose. Along with the angels she channels, she gives you tools to thrive in the New Earth energies. 

Adria is a conscious channel, animal communicator and intuitive guide. She is the author of three books: Angel Insights for Unprecedented Times, Why Did Lemuria Fall? and Slip through the Keyhole and a sound healing CD; Sounds of the Ancient Ones

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