Robbi Kearns

Robbi Kearns

Angelic Readings and Insights

Robbi Kearns

Robbi has created the community, Guidance from Gratitude, for people to explore their spirituality in a safe, nonjudgmental way. He offers Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions given from a place of Gratitude. He regularly hosts spiritual Workshops.

Robbi studied with teachers including Denise Linn (Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader Certification), Kyle Gray (Certified Angel Guide & Angel Team Levels 1, 2 and 3), and Radleigh Valentine (Mastermind Course & Magical Membership) to study Archangels, Tarot, and Oracle Cards and James Philip (Alchemy Energetics), Don Simmons, and Jenny Israel (Seraphim Blueprint) on shamanic and angelic energetic healing modalities which he incorporates into his Private Sessions and Workshops.


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Private Sessions:

By appointment via Zoom

Angel Alchemy

$77 for 30 minute sessions
and $111 for 45 minute sessions

​During this energetic and intuitive session, you will explore ways to transform your life and help you to move past roadblocks to bring you closer to alignment with joy and your higher purpose. This may include tarot/oracle cards, intuitive readings, and energy work to: 

​ * Gain Insight and Clarity into Situations You Are Struggling With
 * Learn to Remove Fear, Doubt, and  Limiting Thoughts from your Life
 * Connect with Love for Yourself and Others
 * See Life through the Lens of Gratitude
 * Integrate Grounding Techniques to Bring in Balance and Harmony to your Life


NOTE: 30 and 45 minute sessions are structured similarly, but in a 45 minute session you will have a bit more time and it can include an attunement to call in your Spirit Partners to support you as you move forward with the work.

Year Ahead Forecast

$150 for one hour

Using cards & intuitive messages from your Spirit Partners, you will delve into the "What" and "How" of each month by pulling two cards for each month and discussing them in detail!

During the session you will discuss each month and the patterns that come up through the year. Robbi may share energy techniques and insights to how to navigate the year ahead with your Guides and Angels so you can know how to work with any roadblocks that might be ahead!


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