Reiki and the 5 Precepts

Laura Lin

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Laura Lin

Finding My Way to a Truer Version of Self

Growing up, I didn’t know that I was living in a dysfunctional family.  Now at age 46, I am much more aware of the impact this had on my self-esteem, my nervous system, and my day-to-day way of being in the world.  Coming from the Midwest state of Wisconsin and from a family with a long history of alcoholism, I learned how to be a good girl, how to get good grades, and people please.  My nervous system was attuned to the needs of others, and over time I lost the connection to myself.  My father’s alcoholism triggered feelings of abandonment throughout my young life and that became a stronger and more prevalent feeling when my dad committed suicide nine years ago.


Subconsciously, I knew that I wanted more.  After college, I left Wisconsin and never looked back.  In 2003, I moved to the Berkshires and began to work more deeply with healing practices to bring me back to my essential self.  Reiki and the 5 Precepts have been powerful tools in my toolbox that have helped me experience the wholeness of my being.  I had abandoned myself for so many years, and Reiki has shown a path for me to feel the fullness of life once again.


The 5 Precepts were born out of the trials and tribulations of Dr. Mikao Usui in early 20th century Japan.  In his search for the meaning of life and his life’s purpose, Dr. Usui took many paths, professional and spiritual.  As the eldest son, he deviated from tradition by leaving the family business. His experiences led him to create a short poetic text called the Five Precepts.  The 5 Precepts provide guidelines for attaining inner peace and reaching a complete balance of body, mind, and spirit.  The Precepts are at the heart of the Usui Reiki tradition and are designed to be a daily practice and to be contemplated throughout each day.  


As I recite the 5 Precepts from day to day, I feel a grounding into how I want to be and who I want to be in the world.  As I recite them in Japanese, I feel a connection to something much bigger than myself.  There is a belief in Japanese culture called kotodama.  Kotodama means “word spirit or word soul”.  There is a living force in words and the sound of a word is sacred and powerful.  Likely, the exact wording of the 5 Precepts was chosen very carefully and as I speak this wisdom out loud, I access and unlock its full potential.  


When I am thrown off in my day, when something is bothering me, when my inner child is needing more love, I return to the 5 Precepts.  They ground me, reminding me that I have a choice in every moment of how I want to be and how I want to feel.  On most days, I go out on my morning walk, connect to nature and place my hands in a prayer position.  I recite the 5 Precepts as I walk along, repeating them 3 times as I take in the beautiful Berkshire nature around me.  In the wake of these words, my energy frees up, and I am able to receive once again.  I immediately feel a connection to a much larger force, a source that is fueling my soul and spirit each day.  The 5 Precepts help me to connect with the most joyful, resilient, loving, and fearless version of myself.    


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