Archangel Chamuel

Robbi Kearns

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Robbi Kearns

 Hi Everyone! I hope that you are beginning to feel a bit in the flow as we move out of Mercury Retrograde and the intensity of the recent Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon!

 This month I want to share about Archangel Chamuel, whose name means “He Who Sees God”. Chamuel is known as the Eyes of God and helps to bring us personal peace by helping us see things in our life differently so we can make the changes we need in order to move forward. While he is the “Eyes of God” – he is associated with the Heart Chakra because we are “seeing” through the heart! By seeing through the vibrational energy of Love we are able to gain a higher perspective of the situation we are facing and move beyond the Ego driven responses to find resolutions that are for the highest good of everyone involved. 

 Chamuel has a beautiful energy that connects us back to pure love and compassion, not only for ourselves but for others as we go through our daily life. If there is someone that you are having issues with that you want resolved, ask Chamuel to help you bring in forgiveness and show compassion to the relationship instead of staying engaged in the struggle. By seeing through the heart, Archangel Chamuel can help us overcome feelings of separation, loneliness, and despair and connect with our inner selves and others in a more profound way. His loving presence can heal our emotional wounds and bring us closer to the divine source, helping us lead a more fulfilling and joyful life.

 Chamuel is also know to help us find things that we have lost along our journey of life. This could be our intuitive gifts, the innocence of childhood, separation from the Divine and our Spirit Partners, love and compassion for ourselves and others. Instead of focusing on opportunities that we may have lost or things we do not have at the moment, reframe your thoughts (through love) so you can let go of negative thoughts and patterns that keep us “stuck”. Ask Chamuel to help you see the situation for what it truly is instead of the narrative that we may have created and allowed to become our truth, so we can gain clarity and move beyond the situation, free of fear and doubt and back into alignment with love.

 Chamuel is also similar to St. Anthony in that people call on him to help them find lost objects. One day a friend posted on Facebook that his Aunt lost her wedding ring and had been looking for days for it and was distraught because her husband had recently passed away. I shared that he should tell her to ask Archangel Chamuel to help her find the ring, and he messaged me later in the day that they had asked Chamuel for his assistance and found the ring later that day!

 Although we usually think of Archangel Michael to be the Archangel to help us connect with our Higher Purpose, you can also work with Chamuel to help you reconnect with your gifts and talents that will bring you joy to help you connect with or move towards your higher purpose. This will not only be a blessing for you but for those that come into your path. By connecting with your calling through love, you are able to bring in abundance that you want in your life – which is not only financial, but happiness and fulfillment.

 So this month I hope that you will explore the beautiful energy of Archangel Chamuel to reconnect you to love! Call on him to work with you to bring clarity and inner peace to areas of your life where you need to reframe your thoughts so you can see things differently and find a way to move forward! 

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In gratitude,

Robbi Kearns

*The image of Chamuel is from Kyle Gray’s Angel Guide Oracle.