The Ultimate Yoni Egg Guide


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Madilyn Heller


A yoni egg is a small polished egg-shaped stone which is used as a sexual health and intimacy too. Yoni eggs are carefully inserted into the vagina (yoni) and worn for a variety of holistic benefits. Yoni eggs have been used throughout history, with original practices dating back to Ancient China. download The Ultimate Yoni Egg Guide

The word yoni is a Sanskrit word that is used to describe the female sexual organs; the vagina, vulva, and occasionally the uterus. This word is highly associated with the ancient Hindu goddess of divine feminine energy, Shakti. 

We use the word yoni, to invoke the importance and sacredness of the female body. It is an ancient and highly spiritual word, as is the yoni egg practice. Note that what you call your own yoni is entirely up to you, however while using yoni eggs you should use words that are positive and filled with good intentions.  


There are many benefits to using yoni eggs, however it is important to note that these benefits are anecdotal and rooted in ancient spiritual belief. Yoni eggs are not a form of medical treatment and you should always refer to a licensed medical practitioner (such as a gynecologist) before using a yoni egg. If and when you decide to start your journey with yoni eggs, bear in mind that it may be a life changing experience- or it could be entirely unfavorable and uncomfortable. It all depends on the individual and their body. 

Reported benefits of using yoni eggs:

  • strengthens the vaginal muscles

  • helps with urinary incontinence

  • enhances sexual pleasure while intensifying orgasms

  • reduces menstrual cramping

  • promotes tissue healing after childbirth

  • balances female hormones

  • helps to heal negative womb energy from trauma

  • stimulates healthy vaginal lubrication

  • incorporates the metaphysical properties of the stone used

  • develops a more sacred and personal connection with your yoni


Physical Body: When a yoni egg is present in the yoni, the pelvic floor muscles naturally grip around it and hold it in place. This is an involuntary muscle contraction that can start off as a very weak contraction but with practice and continual use these muscles can strengthen over time. Exercises such as kegel exercises can further increase the blood flow and circulation to this area which can not only help strengthen the muscles but can enhance sexual pleasure. This can lead to a lot more active nerve endings which in turn leads to increased sensation in the yoni.

Spiritual Body: Using a yoni egg inherently is an intimate and sacred practice. It is a method of connecting our mind to our sacred womb space. It is an act of self love and self care. In this day and age it is easy to default to a state of being out of touch with our sacred feminine energy. Using yoni eggs as a practice encourages us to connect with our yonis, allowing us to tune into that sacred feminine energy and empower our own lives. 

Many experience a release of trauma by connecting to their yoni on a spiritual and somatic level. While others discover a deep sense of empowerment and motivation. It can be an intense spiritual experience either way. 

yoni ergg The Ultimate Yoni Egg Guide



There are different opinions on whether or not yoni eggs are safe to use, and some gynecologists may advise against using them. Again, always follow the advice of a licensed medical practitioner in lieu of what you read on the internet. However, many of the reported risks associated with yoni eggs (such as toxic shock syndrome and infections) can be prevented when using yoni eggs safely. It is also important to note that stones may be an even safer alternative to modern tools since they are natural and free from materials such as rubber and plastic. Some of these stones even have their own anti-microbial properties. On top of all that, the whole experience can only be enhanced by the individual metaphysical energies of the different types of stones used.  


Please note that there are cheaper yoni eggs on the market that are unlikely to be made from authentic crystal and stone material and therefore they could potentially be harmful. When investing in a yoni egg- make sure it is body safe and genuine stone. Crystal Essence has done the research and the scrutinizing for you. All our yoni eggs and yoni products are certified body safe and genuine polished stone that has not been treated or chemically altered. 

There are occasions when it is NOT safe to use a yoni egg, such as:

  • If you have a vaginal infection (ex: a yeast infection)

  • If you have a urinary tract infection (UTI)

  • If you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI)

  • During pregnancy (unless approved and encouraged by a licensed medical professional)

  • During your menstrual cycle

  • If you have an IUD  

Some Ground Rules and Safety Precautions Before You Start Your Yoni Egg Practice: 

It is important to start off slow. It is a good idea to only leave your egg in for 15-30 minutes to get a feel for it and see how your body responds.

Over time you can increase how long you wear your egg for incrementally. Remember to honor your yoni when it seems tired and needs rest, never continue anything that causes discomfort or pain. Some mild aching is normal after use, however cramping can be a sign that the yoni egg has been left in too long.  

Sharp intense pain or more notable cramping could be a sign of a physical condition and should not be ignored. If you experience this level of discomfort, it is important that you seek help from a medical professional immediately.

Although many experienced practitioners choose to sleep with their egg inside them, you should never keep your yoni egg in for longer than 8-10 hours. Any longer can lead to toxic shock syndrome and it can wear out your muscles into fatigue. 

To avoid infection, you must clean your yoni egg before and after each use. Remember, you are putting something into your body- it has to be safe and sterile. 


You are working with a delicate and susceptible area– it is important to clean whatever comes into contact with your yoni before and after.

To clean your yoni egg thoroughly, simply wash it with warm water and organic, unscented soap for sensitive skin. Crystal Essence carries a plant-based yoni wash that is perfect for just this. After you have washed your yoni egg- bring a pot to boil and allow it to cool enough to touch safely (placing the egg in boiling water can lead to cracking and breakage in the stone) Place the egg in the water and let it soak for about 15 minutes. You can add a couple of drops of tea tree oil (or preferred antibacterial essential oil that is body safe) to the water to kill any bacteria further.

yoni soap 4 The Ultimate Yoni Egg Guide

At a minimum; before and after each use you should wash your egg with soap and warm water.

** If you have a drilled egg, you should take further steps to ensure that the hole is clean and dry after washing. You can do this by running water through the passage and blowing through the hole. 


Choosing the Size: 

Yoni eggs typically come in three sizes – small (25x35mm), medium (30x43mm) and large (35x50mm)

**The size you use has little to do with the size of your vagina and more to do with the strength of your vaginal muscles. 

Despite what you might think, it is actually more beneficial to start with a larger egg and work your way to the smaller size. Larger eggs are easier for the vaginal muscles to grip on to, whereas smaller eggs are better suited to individuals with more advanced muscle dexterity.

If you’re unsure of which size to start off with, it is generally a good option to start out with a medium sized egg. If you know you have a particularly weak pelvic floor, then you should definitely start out with the larger size.  

Drilled vs. Undrilled Eggs:

**Please note that Crystal Essence currently only carries drilled eggs. 

A drilled egg has a small hole drilled through the tip of the egg to allow for string to be threaded through for retrieval after use. This does not affect the energy of the stone or crystal being used. Many beginners wish to use a drilled egg at first in order to feel assured that there will be no difficulty in removal. Undrilled eggs are completely safe and are actually quite easily removed once you know how. You may wish to move on to an undrilled egg once you get more comfortable with your yoni egg practice. 

Drilled eggs must be strung with unwaxed/ unscented/ unbleached/ undyed materials. It must be durable and have a  low risk of fibers coming off into your yoni.  Some good options are dental floss,  silk thread, or hemp twine. Crystal Essence provides hemp twine with each purchase of a yoni egg and offers extra string for purchase. Whatever you decide to use must be sterile and must only be used once.

How to string your yoni egg:eggg The Ultimate Yoni Egg Guide

  1. Cut an amount of string approximately 10 – 15″ long

  2. Fold the string in half

  3. Thread the two ends through the drilled hole in your egg

  4. Thread the two ends through the loop created until pulled tight

  5. Tie the loose ends in a knot

**Change your string after each use as it can harbor harmful bacteria

Which Crystal Should I Use? 

Generally speaking, what crystal you use is entirely up to you, and should be based on your intuition and which crystal you feel most called to.  You want to pick a stone that is body safe, not every crystal should be inserted into your yoni. Crystals have different levels of hardiness and the more porous (softer) stones are not safe to carry inside your body. It is important to do your research before investing in a yoni egg. You must pick a stone with a higher hardness and one that is non-toxic to humans. 

In traditional Taoist teachings, individuals start out using a Jade (Nephrite Jade) egg to heal and access their sacred feminine energies, before moving onto Black Obsidian to gain control and power over their yonis, and finally they use Rose Quartz to open their heart to unconditional love. This is an ancient Chinese tradition that does not have to be followed by any means.  However, it is recommended for beginners to start out with a Jade egg due to its healing and physical properties. 

Nephrite Jade: 

  • Associated with the heart chakra

  • Very hard, durable and non porous

  • Helps to heal sacred feminine energies

  • A good weight for kegel exercises

  • High thermal conductivity (easy to warm)

Black Obsidian: 

  • Associated with the root chakra

  • Protective stone that blocks negative energy

  • Helps to release trauma or negative energy

  • Good for grounding

  • Hard, smooth and non porous

Rose Quartz: 

  • Associated with the heart chakra

  • Helps with unconditional love and relationships

  • Calming and soothing

  • Helps with circulation and skin issues

  • Good for fertility


  • Associated with the third eye chakra

  • Assists in achieving a meditative state

  • Good for healing from grief or loss

  • Cleanses negative energy

  • Supports the emotional body


  • Associated with the sacral chakra

  • Boosts confidence and creativity

  • Stimulates sex drive


yoni im The Ultimate Yoni Egg Guide

How you use your yoni egg is a practice that will be sacred and personal to you as an individual. However, here are some tips and easy steps to get started.

  1. Clearing/Charging Your Yoni Egg

This is optional but many individuals may wish to clear their yoni eggs of any negative energy and/or charge them like you would other crystals.

This can be done by placing the egg in a bowl of moon/ blessed water with sea salt or by smudging your yoni egg with sage or palo santo. You can also simply leave the egg in the sun or moonlight to charge depending on the type of crystal. Whatever method you use, remember you have to wash your yoni egg before each use. 

  1. Set Up your Sacred Space

Again this is optional, but many individuals prefer to set up a sacred space with intention so that they can relax and be fully present in the moment.

This is completely personal to the individual. It is important to take whatever steps you need to make sure your space is sacred and safe to you. This could take the form of lighting some candles or some incense, dimming/turning off the lights, and/or playing some soothing music. It is also up to you if you choose to be nude or wear loose comfortable clothing.

  1. Apply Some Body-Safe Lubricant

Lubrication helps to soften the yoni and surrounding tissues and makes it easier for the egg to slide in without discomfort.

You can use any body-safe lubricant of choice, but a good option to use is organic extra virgin coconut oil. It is naturally antibacterial and antifungal which can help keep the delicate yoni microbiome in balance.

  1. Warming Up

It is important that you are in a physical and mental state of relaxation before inserting your yoni egg. In the sacred space you have created, lay down in a position that is comfortable for you. To warm up the body for inserting the yoni egg, you might give yourself a sensual massage as an act of self love, tuning into the sensations you feel in your body. You can also physically warm up your egg by holding it and rubbing it between your (clean) hands. This will make sure it’s not too cold before inserting. 

  1. Gently Insert the Egg

When you feel ready to insert your egg, gently use the larger end to massage your yoni until you feel an opening sensation. Then keep the egg at the entrance of your yoni, move in a way that feels good for you and allow your yoni to accept the egg. It is important that you don’t force the egg inside – we are working with the energy of our yonis to accept the egg in a way that feels good and safe! The egg does not need to be pushed all the way up to the cervix like a tampon would. Instead, once the egg is past the yoni entrance, remove contact with your hands and allow your yoni to bring it to a place that is comfortable, similar to a menstrual cup.

  1. Wearing the Yoni Egg


There are many options on what to do next but it is up to you what you choose to do once you are wearing your yoni egg. Many individuals choose to simply go about their daily activities. Beginners may find it difficult to keep the egg inside the yoni while moving around upright, in that case it’s perfectly alright to remain sitting or lying down until you become stronger and more comfortable in your practice.


Meditation is one powerful way to connect with your yoni practice.

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Sit in a comfortable position. Some may opt to use a meditation cushion, but any position is fine. Close your eyes and place your hands around your yoni area. The yoni mudra is commonly used during this practice.

Meditate on this area, focusing on any sensations or feelings that come up. Breath into those sensations. 

**You may choose to incorporate chakra affirmations or hand mudras to work on unblocking any energy within this area.


  1. Kegel Exercises: intended to make your yoni muscles stronger. Kegel exercises are performed by contracting the pelvic floor muscles for a short time (usually around 10 seconds) followed by releasing and relaxing. 

  2. Bridge:  Lie on your back, bend your knees and place your feet on the ground hip width distance apart. Raise your hips up in the air while engaging your pelvic floor muscles. Hold this position for a few seconds before gently lowering down.

  3. Leg Lifts: Lie on your back with your legs extended and place your hands under your tailbone. Slowly raise your legs until they are extended with feet in the air. Hold this position before gently lowering down.

   7. Releasing the Egg 

This may be the most intimidating part for many people, but rest assured that a yoni egg cannot get stuck inside you. Do not panic if your yoni egg doesn’t come out straight away. Keep breathing and relaxing and you will release the egg.

If you are using a drilled egg, use the string to gently pull out the yoni egg while simultaneously bearing down with your pelvic floor muscles.

If you are using an undrilled egg the easiest way is to get in a squatting position and bear down with your pelvic floor muscles until the egg releases itself, or is low enough that you can retrieve it using your hand.

How Will I Feel After Using a Yoni Egg?

This can vary greatly depending on the individual. Some people may feel intense energy shifts, while others may not feel anything at all. It is important to remember that every individual and their body responds differently. Remember to keep an open mind and to check in with yourself throughout the process. Your yoni egg practice is your own sacred ritual and you can take or leave any of the tips from this article. Most importantly, have fun exploring your body and connecting with your yoni in this sacred way!

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