Medical Intuitive Healing

Lorraine Cucci

Written by

Lorraine Cucci, RN

  In my business, Healing Path to Health, one of the treatment modalities I can utilize to help my clients is Medical Intuitive healing. When I talk to people about my business and what I do, sometimes I get responses of “I know what that is” or “What is that and how can that help me”?  So for those of you who may not fully understand what happens during a Medical Intuitive session, I would like to give you a clearer understanding of it and how it can benefit you.

  We are energetic beings and what I mean by that is that we are made up of energy.  Our auras, which are bands of energy, surround our body and link with our chakra energy bodies.  These auras are made up of many layers and I like to compare them to an onion.  Our aura  consists of our emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, psychological beliefs and is inclusive of what we bring from our parents and ancestors and past lives.

  A client that takes part in a Medical Intuitive session will be informed of this so that they can understand where their issues/challenges may reside.  I cannot diagnose any illness, however I can identify where a “density” or “blockage” may be concentrated in a person’s body.  I do connect with the person energetically and in most cases I am able to identify and note these densities or blockages.  If a person is blocked within their mind, it can be very difficult to connect with their energy.  So the person must be receptive to being open during the session.

  During a Medical Intuitive session, I can receive the client’s information in several ways; via feelings, colors, words, or pictures.  I have blank outlines of a person on paper during my session, which I can use to draw and show the client what information I am receiving for them.  This is very useful and the client can take this home to look at and review after the session is over.  The information that I receive is given to the client in a very calm, and benevolent manner.  If a strong message is needed, I can convey that as well.  The client may also have questions related to their information and I will always make sure that I can receive the answers for them.

  I have been aware of this gift for as long as I can remember and the feedback from clients has been incredible!  My goal here is for my client’s to receive the information that they need on a very deep energetic level to assist and reveal what is troubling them or causing physical and or emotional challenges.  This is a chance to understand themselves better and work towards their healing.

  As a human being, we are in this body, dealing with the challenging situations that we may encounter day to day.  We are also facing deeper challenges, which we may or may not be aware of and can cause us from moving forward in a healthy and constructive manner.

  I believe that the Medical Intuitive modality is an incredible treatment option to consider for yourself and I am here to help you in any way that I can on your Healing Path to Health.