THE PASSING OF A TORCH Crystal Essence We are truly a gallery of wonders. Come in to find tools for your Transformation. Know Our History Visit Crystal Essence Which Crystal Is Right For You? Let us assist you in finding the best crystal to match your goals and intentions. Learn About Crystals Visit Crystal Essence jewelry Fine Jewelry Jewelry designed with gemstones & healing crystals to magnify your intentions. Browse Lookbook Visit our Store Spiritual Seekers Destination An Oasis of Healing and Serenity in the Heart of the Berkshires Learn More Visit our Store Crystal Wellness Center Psychic Readings, Healing Sessions and Dynamic Workshops Learn More Book Private Session

Crystal Essence

Crystal Essence has always been a place of healing, where you are always welcome to just simply be. Use our metaphysical methods to transform into the best version of yourself, and ascend to greater heights of consciousness at Crystal Essence.

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Offering Tarot, Mediumship, Initiatives, Astrology, Healers, Workshops and Classes
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