Sheilaa Hite

Sheilaa Hite

Sheilaa Hite

Tarot Readings

By appointment

(Sheilaa will be unavailable from November 30th - December 21st)

Wednesdays     2 - 6 pm
 Fridays     2:30 - 6 pm
 Saturdays     3:30 - 6 pm

$52 for 30 minute sessions
and $104 for 60 minute sessions

Tarot Master and Intuitive Counselor

Sheilaa Hite

Engage the wisdom of an expert Tarot Master with the Intuitive capabilities to help discover your deepest questions and answers. Each session is tailored to your specific inquiry - providing specific insight into  your life circumstances and goals. Experience the "magic" as Sheilaa translates lofty concepts in the everyday examples that help us understand on a core level what we are all about.
Learn more about you!

Explore relationships, careers, love, money, fears, dreams, and success with a divine support system. No prior experience is needed. Though Sheilaa is an advanced professional Tarot Instructor, her skills lend themselves to all lifestyles and belief systems.


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