French Odyssey

French Odyssey

French Odyssey with Sheilaa Hite

Awaken your Divine Connection to Joie de Vivre–the Joy of Life

October 21 – 30, 2024

Early registration for the 2024 French Odyssey is officially open!

Sheilaa Hite invites you to discover and learn how to move, step-by-step, into the life you were created for, your insights will inform, empower, and bless every day for the rest of your life.

Why should you go?

You’ll experience the most amazing energies, reconnecting with your own individual Divine energy, recognizing “old soul” brethren, and embracing the mysticism of your soul’s journey on so many wondrously exquisite levels! The life-changing experiences, the destinations, the events that become a portrait of self-discovery for each participant on this journey, the fun of it, new people and unique places will all lead to the realization that using all of your spiritual resources is just as important to your development through life as eating.

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France, the magical gateway to Joie-de-Vivre!