Rebirthing Breathwork

The Rebirthing breathwork technique was developed by Leonard Orr in the United States. The technique is also known as Conscious Energy Breathing (CEB).
CEB proponents consider unprocessed, or repressed, emotions as having a physical impact on the body. This could be caused by trauma or because the emotions were too difficult or painful to deal with at the time.
Detrimental thought or behavior patterns or the way a person has been conditioned to react to events throughout their life, are considered contributing factors for unprocessed emotions.

Goal: Use the breathing exercises as a self-healing practice to help people work on blocked emotions and energy.

What happens during a Rebirthing breathwork session?

  • Experienced guidance. It’s advised that you do a Rebirthing session under the supervision of a qualified instructor.
  • Circular breathing. You’ll relax and use what is known as conscious connected circular breathing. This is where your breaths are continuous with no spaces or retention between breaths.
  • Emotional and physical response. During this time you may have an emotional release thought to be triggered by subconscious feelings and thoughts. Bringing the adverse aspects of past trauma to the surface to be let go of is thought to bring about inner peace and a higher level of consciousness.

Continuous circular breathing: this type of breathing is done using full, deep breaths without retaining the breath. Typical breathing involves a natural pause between exhale and inhale. The continuous inhales and exhales create a “circle” of breath.